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Currently, Webagge has a number of B2B and B2C customers in all over the world. Webagge connects Chinese small factories and overseas small buyers including online and offline shop keepers. And Webagge has served more than 10 million members.

Webagge is an online and offline service channel and sets up many purchasing centers in China to enhance supply chain and provide free promotion tools and other customized service for small buyers.


  • Purchasing products directly from original factories
  • Cooperating with logistics partner and Lower logistics cost
  • Low middle operation cost without any middlemen


Are you a distributor in the United States and Europe or other countries?

Do you want to own the biggest B2B distribution in your area?

Do you want to enjoy the wealth multiplication of E-commerce development ?

Do you want to be the business leader in next e-commerce era?

Join webagge, get factory price and free store online, start selling instantly! 
Our email: service@webagge.com

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